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Welcome to Volume 1 of the Isekai Anthology!

"Seriously, there is a Catgirl Maid Cafe in the Forest!"

One NEET meets one BUS, and you already know the rest! It happens over and over, but this time the poor hero, Hirito, inherited a Maid Cafe of Catgirls! What could possibly go wrong? Scratch that, what couldn't go wrong?

Deep in the Waldorf Forest, there is a Catgirl Maid Cafe, no really there is. The Kami himself sent forth a new manager to help the cat-girls save the cafe, Nyaah? Please!, from a policy of tax foreclosure. Join Hirito as he rediscovers lost Maid Cafe recipes, harvests for ingredients, and, most importantly, finds lost cat-maids! Not to mention rumors of a demon world just on the other side of some portal. Is the Cat Maid Cafe really just a cafe, or is it something more?

 BETA Notice! Due to time constraints, holidays, and the flu this game is missing a certain amount of polish. Be prepared for a few bugs, and missing bits and bobs!

Missing in Credits: (Will update after jam)

  • REFMap (Character Sprites)
  • BIUD436 (awesome screenshot plugin)
  • SV Slime - Yanfly
  • Other SideView Battlers - Bibo's RTP Battlers
  • ScottyTV - Windowskins


  • - Standard RPG Gameplay, turn based combat, plenty of dialogue, etc.
  • - Harvesting
  • - Crafting (well cooking…)
  • - A print style selection of cut-scenes
  • - Characters created with MangaMaker ComiPo
  • - Itch.io app integration (i.e., built with butler)


The Cast:

  • Hirito - A “Neet” brought from another world.
  • Tax Collector - A gentleman that doesn’t want to foreclose at all.
  • Ren -The Number One Catmaid. (Self proclaimed)
  • Natsumi - Well, she has… Needs?
  • Tomomo - The singing cat-girl.
  • Minako - The pink haired cat-girl.
  • And more…


This is an entry for the IGMC 2018.

Mangamaker ComiPo! was used both for creation of the Omake and other art assets associated with and IN the game.


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Version 3
Seriously Extras.zip 10 MB
CGMC-Beta.zip 345 MB

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