New CGMC-Beta Available

The catgirls are back, and they're happy that more zones have been MAID! includes a few unreleased zones, a few more quests, craftable items, and bugfixes.

I mentioned before that I intended to post an updated version of this game before the end of the month, and here it is. It's far from perfect, as many balance issues are still there. However, it desperately needed to be on the current version of RPG Maker MV; which, in turn, meant that many eventing and scripting events had to be re-written to support a release.  Making a download of just that kind of an update seemed to be of no value, so I made sure to include game parts that were previously unreleased, including a new hidden town, some sidequests, and more craftables.

Again, I would like to thank all the wonderful people that have downloaded and tried this game, and hope to be able to improve upon the work here as time goes on.

Thank you all,

Mrs. Allykat, Failsauce Gameworks

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Sep 29, 2019

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