Game Update and Development Progress

Game Update #3

Warning: Due to changes in some core functions, this update will require a game restart. 

Greetings from the fertile lands of Waldorf Forest, home of the under-advertised catmaid cafe, Nyaah Please?.  

With the restraints of the IGMC now off, I can finally start rolling out some updates to both provide a snapshot of development and start addressing some of the issues as presented from the previously mentioned competition. I'm really excited to start publishing updates to this project as time allows, and in this update there are a few improvements. Please keep in mind, however, that this is far from a finished product. Thus without further ado, here is the list of additions!


Change List:

  • Town music updated to something that fits.
  • Autosave (this will use the first save slot).
  • The beginnings of battle cut-ins.
  • More maps have been added.
  • Several collision bugs have been fixed.
  • Upon finding the third "catgirl maid," and visiting Minoko, an underground travel-way becomes available.
  • The first customer quest is available (no quest tracking just yet, but maybe later)


To Do:

  • More narrative, zone progression and population.
  • Fix combat, gear progression, difficulty progression.  (oh, it's way out of whack! Try a fireball!)
  • Other customer quests (side quests)
  • Put in the three completion scenes ( the ending, the debt payoff, and the demon investigation).
  • General clean up of scenes.


Final Notes:

For those following this title, I have included a blurb from within the game itself warning about the game possibly being sold. While I'm not so arrogant to think that this little game is at that level - the community has seen an issue with free or donation based games being uploaded and sold by those that aren't connected to a game project. The statement on the game's splash screen is not intended to point to anyone sharing the game, but, rather, it's aimed at those trying to scam both the users and the developers of independent games.

Since that statement is out of the way, I would like to thank everyone who's downloaded this game! I appreciate the positive feedback, and hope to continue developing this title until it has become a completed experience. I do have a couple of other projects on the back-burner that I would like to get to as well. Again, thanks to all who've downloaded, played, reviewed, and donated to this project! I hope to post another update and devlog soon!


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Version 3 Jan 19, 2019

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