Phobos Progress Report

Greeting to all Space-Sailors,

I would like to express my gratitude for all who've downloaded the demo of Port Phobos. I'm still working on the game,  but as a lone developer this will take a considerable amount of time to get done.  I'm also working on "Isekai Anthology" in the background with "Witch of the Wicked Woods" on the back-burner ready to get active development as these other titles get closer to completion. However, this post is about Port Phobos...

The next stop will be the rest of the moon of Neith, a bustling steam-powered town with a gritty underbelly. Priscilla takes center-stage, finally, and will dig into why the Martians (cat people) are disappearing.  After the war with Deimos, the Martians immigrated to several other moons and worlds. Unfortunately, Neith isn't as nice of a place as the pamphlets suggests. That seedy underworld is the home of some criminal organization...

Here's to all of you, and hoping you have a great long weekend!

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