Port Phobos: Boss Demo

Another demo release!

New boss fight demo fresh off the press for Port Phobos, a game I've had been working at off and on for a while, but just never really published much about.  This title probably has the greatest chance to see the light of day, just due to the amount of work already sunk into it.

So what is Port Phobos? 

It's a game set in a science fantasy world, as imagined by people in the late 19'th century.  It consists of moons like Neith, a supposed moon of Venus that never really existed, Mars, but the "it has an atmosphere" kind, and the like.  There is the Ether, loosely based on what was hypothesized about in the 19'th century. Who knows, it may even have Russell's teapot. The story revolves around two main characters, Priscilla Payne and Kip Keene, who are dealing with their jobs at the Spacer Association while learning that they're engaged. Always a recipe for disaster.


This is a boss fight Demo at the moment, with a full demo coming in the next couple of weeks.

Why the Japanese on the cover?

The Japanese title is there to salute our Japanese brethren who do not shy away from pushing the envelope to try new things, which is exactly what I'm trying to do with Phobos. I want to tell a story with some historical "hooks" that is not just steampunk, but science fiction from the imagination of those from the 1800's.

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