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IMPORTANT NOTE:  Due to the release of MZ, and a comparable plugin already being released for that platform, there are no future updates planned for FailSwitch. ( 10/9/2020 )

Want to control a self-switch from another map, and don't feel like bothering with code for the hundredth time? Does the army of statues need to come alive, and you really don't want to waste ANOTHER system switch to do it? Well, I got tired of that choice too. Sure MV come packaged with OuterSelfSwitch, but that only works on your current map. Heaven forbid if you want to move a wall, raise an army of undead, or another mass change without using a system variable for it.

That's where FailSwitch comes in. Is it a masterwork of JS genius? No. It's got more lines of instruction than actual code. Chances are that you've written exactly what this plugin does yourself... Many, many, many times over. With that said, here are the two commands supplied with this plugin:

SingleSwitch [on/off] [Map] [Event Number] [A/B/C/D]

RangeSwitch [on/off] [Map] [Start Event Number] [Ending Event Number] [A/B/C/D]

Use the number zero (0) for the current map, and you're good to go. Do you already use "OuterSelfSwitch?" No problem, I do too. So this plugin doesn't conflict with that. If you would rather use this instead, then the command is just different.

The Demo: It, uhh, just shows it in action? Also, I'm sorry I am not brave enough to not compile the demo like other authors. I'm not sure what is and is not required in the RTP to be encoded. Credits for assets to Kadokawa (Creator) and Degica Co. LTD (Publisher).

Terms: Free to use, even for commercial, requires RPGMaker MV. Please credit "Mrs_Allykat" or "FailSauce" in your project, as well as Yoji Ojima (the original author of OuterSelfSwitch).

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