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which one do i download

If you want to blow through it, and just see the story go with RC1_1, it's got a few bugs that make it almost too easy. If, however, you want something closer to the game's intent (and based on feedback) - download the beta. If you want the one that was for sure 100% uploaded prior to the "No Travel Game Jam" end-date, then RC1.

  • RC1: No doubt it was uploaded it time.
  • RC1_1: I might have gotten it up in time, not too sure. Fixes a few minor bugs.
  • Beta: A weekly build that is closer to the actual vision with added mechanics and features on top of bug fixes (though will sometimes get fresh new bugs).
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247MBs?  That is optimized MV!  :D

I wish I can be that efficient one day.


LOL!  RPG Maker MV gives the devs approximately 200 animation sequences with all of the art and sounds preset. A lot of space can be saved by removing them from the game prior to roll out, and removing the .m4a files when not doing a Mac or Android build.

I should ponder about it ^^ LOL awww...  My bro have nice music all .MP3 but... I think it is easier to convert into .ogg but... well MV.  Yeah each time I open a new project it is already 1gig XD so something has to go LOL