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The fine folks at RMW (RPG Maker Web) decided to host a game jam due to the number of people stuck at home during the CoronaVirus outbreak. Let's hope the next one is not due to something so horrible. Anyway, we were given a month, so this game amounts to about a month's worth of work. It's not going to be the best game ever; however, I hope it is as fun to play as it was to make.

Isekai Demonica is about another possible, but unproven, victim of Bus-Kun, who is immediately anointed "Demon King." Summoned into the world of demons, which is remarkably like medieval civilizations, the hero (villain?) must quickly deal with a Miasma. This Miasma created a chaotic mess, meaning the newly summoned Demon King will have to slap down ghosts, other demons, dragons, and winged eye things(?) to clear out the Miasma that is turning people, err demons, into monsters.


Demon King: Not his real name of course, but he doesn't have one of those unless you give him one!

Cyne: A summoner demon who ganked someone into being king, nice!

Jeeves: A butler.. A ghost.. A former Demon King?

Fido: A dog. A dragon? A slot-machine?!




C'mon down, and pay a visit to Demonica, where the demons need your help!


Due to the short turn-around for making this game, there will likely be bugs even with my best effort to root them all out.  The gameplay is completely not what was designed for RPG Maker, since this plays a bit more like a Zelda or a Y's type game than a Dragon Quest or Breath of Fire title.  Due to the type of game running on the engine that it is - there are some quirks, like the "pause" screen is really an RPG's menu.

It was a while in getting done, but I finally opened up an account to take donations. If you enjoy my early work, and want to support it, please consider a donation. It's much appreciated!

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorFailsauce GameWorks
GenreRole Playing
TagsAnime, isekai


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isekai-demonica-windows-rc1.zip 247 MB
Version 1
isekai-demonica-windows-beta.zip 214 MB
Version 9
isekai-demonica-windows-rc1_1.zip 223 MB
Version 2

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hi :) great game , very funny and battle system is unusual :) i cannot find the holy symbol to go further though


Thank you! I've taken a little break from game-dev, but will work on stuff again soon.  I'll get back to you in a few days with where the holy symbol is (out of town and don't have access to the game at the moment).

i understand well :)  game making takes a lot of energy  ( and a bit of money ) . take your time no need to rush things :)


In the upper left-hand part of the town map (NW) there is a building called "The Guild."  Once enough of the passages are cleared, talk to the Guildmaster, he will give you the Holy Symbol.

Sorry it took a little longer to get to the files for this than I had thought it would.

that is fine :) thank you very much :)

Finished the game and i must say, that ending was unexpected!

Thank you very much for making this! xx

Thank you for playing, and I really hope you had fun with it!

This looks and sounds better by each new postings.


Thank you!

which one do i download

If you want to blow through it, and just see the story go with RC1_1, it's got a few bugs that make it almost too easy. If, however, you want something closer to the game's intent (and based on feedback) - download the beta. If you want the one that was for sure 100% uploaded prior to the "No Travel Game Jam" end-date, then RC1.

  • RC1: No doubt it was uploaded it time.
  • RC1_1: I might have gotten it up in time, not too sure. Fixes a few minor bugs.
  • Beta: A weekly build that is closer to the actual vision with added mechanics and features on top of bug fixes (though will sometimes get fresh new bugs).
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247MBs?  That is optimized MV!  :D

I wish I can be that efficient one day.


LOL!  RPG Maker MV gives the devs approximately 200 animation sequences with all of the art and sounds preset. A lot of space can be saved by removing them from the game prior to roll out, and removing the .m4a files when not doing a Mac or Android build.

I should ponder about it ^^ LOL awww...  My bro have nice music all .MP3 but... I think it is easier to convert into .ogg but... well MV.  Yeah each time I open a new project it is already 1gig XD so something has to go LOL