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In the world of RTP (RPG Maker default graphics), Harold is considered the slug of the crew. The weak link in the party. He has to start pulling his weight, and gets a job. Of course, Harold dreams big, and he can't be a simple "sanitation engineer," or "garbage man." No, he has to be the SANITATION VINDICATOR!

This is a short game developed specifically for RMW's "RPG Maker Day" event that follows a couple of rules:

It must use RTP

It must be based on a mini-game type event common to RPG's.  As such, there will be two downloads, a "rpg" version and a "mini game only" version to be able to work with both "jams" so to speak. 

What's more, I kept my development time under 20 hours for an in-group game jam.  In closing, I try to always put in a beginning, a middle, and an end to these sorts of projects. I can't leave it as a mini-game. Poor Harold (RTP Character) deserves more than this!

I had a good time making this title, and I hope others can get a laugh out of it too.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, and no harm came to any creatures, trash, rubbish, or people named Harold in the making of this game.

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AuthorFailsauce GameWorks
GenreRole Playing, Puzzle


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Very funny! Loved the dialogue, loved the puzzles, and loved the mapping. All brilliant! I would’ve liked to see custom graphics, but I understand that the minigame contest didn’t allow them- I think the game would’ve benefited from a “sillier,” cartoonier art-style while keeping the RTP characters, but score-wise, that’s neither here nor there.  I also would’ve liked it to be a little longer, if only because I want to see more- but I understand the time limits associated with competing in a game jam, and you are very busy, so I understand why the game is the length that it is. The only real problem I had (and this pertains only to a certain part of the game, not the whole thing) is that it isn’t clear where each type of pushable object in the final puzzle goes, causing me to become a bit frustrated as I had to try again & again until I figured out the trick. A hint would’ve been welcome there. All in all a great game- made me laugh & have a good time.

Finally a job that's perfect for Harold!  A copycat type minigame isn't something I see done well too often in RM games, so this was a fun game.

Unfortunately I couldn't finish the boss off, I didn't realize the things had to go in specific spots so I just pushed everything onto the rug haphazardly (this is what I get for not looking at the screenshots on the page... ^^;).  The pushing mechanic was a bit awkward, so I don't think I'll try again, but the idea of Harold as a trashman Sanitation Vindicator definitely got a laugh out of me!

Thank you hiddenone. Mechanic wise, I think my choice to keep the maps somewhat small affected the gameplay. The player just doesn't have enough wiggle room on any of the maps.  At the beginning, I knew I wanted to do a push-puzzle game, and Harold getting a job.

About that time, I had to fuss at my son to take out the trash... Harold soon found himself a new job.