CXZ RC2-3 Released with Test Content

I was given an idea, and have added an ability to walk through zombies after the protagonist cat collects a zombie-brain. Since this is a test-of-concept addition, the player can walk into a wall... And the ability may time out when the player is in the wall.  Once I get some feedback, I'll either fix that side-effect or remove it altogether. It's really up to the testers over whether or not this feature will remain.

Other changes include:

  • Improved, directional, swiping animation (when not hitting a zombie)
  • Some zombies will have a different "death" animation
  • A "spray card" has been added to each level where there is targets to be marked by Tom, our zombie defeating cat
  • Oh! And the game engine core is now fully at MV 1.6.2

( Note:  Next week, the url will change to "" which should automatically update links; however, I feel a warning is warranted. )

Finally, thanks to everyone who's downloaded or played Cats X Zombies!


  1. Change Scoring Screen at the game-over condition
  2. Create a "speed run" mode

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Version 3 Jul 24, 2019

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