CVZ 1RC2 Released

CXZ Update (Was Cats Vs. Zombies)

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It's been a while since I've chosen to rename this game to CatsXZombies, but the new build is finally up. Added a small feature that, when picked up, will make the marking locations easier to see (sparkles!). The next addition was a reduction of the total number of zombies in Zone 3, and it seems to have fixed some of the visual lag in the zone. Finally, I removed some unused files to get the size of the download further reduced. It's the same game, just in a smaller package! All in all, we have a new logo, sparkles, less lag, and a smaller download. 

The Future

The plan seems a bit hazy at times, but there are a few things I would love to add. However, I need to update my base engine (RPGMaker MV) first. I've held off a bit to make sure I got this update done, so I only need to wait for a little feedback (in case I added a new bug) before I retire the old version (1.5.2). Once that's completed, I'll start getting into the checklist below:

  • More Zones (Time to play in traffic!)
  • Replacing Sound Effects
  • Add a little more narrative (It would be nice to know what one is doing, yes?)
  • Add visual cues about what zombie is of what kind (3 hit zombie, 1 hit zombie, etc)

That's it for this update, I hope all your green rotted flesh dreams have kitty-claws!


Mrs. Allykat

Failsauce Gameworks

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Version 3 Jul 24, 2019 182 MB
Version 1 Jun 29, 2019

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